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Here Are The Stories Of Just a FEW Students Of Mine Who’ve Used The EXPERT SUCCESS FORMULA To Fast-Track Their Business Growth…

Expert Success Case Study #1

£50,000 Of New Business In Just 6 Weeks For Property Investor Tara

Before attending the Expert Success Online Brand Masterclass weekend, professional Property Investor Tara Coley had no personal web presence whatsoever, only her business website.

After her personal brand website http://taracoley.com was published she sent out an email to let her friends and contacts know. The same day she received several replies, with many compliments about the site, and importantly, a request from someone to speak with Tara about a potential investment.

Since then she’s been so inundated with enquiries asking for her assistance in sourcing new properties she’s had to take on two new employees to help deal with the increased workload.

The bottom line is that Tara has seen an increase in NEW business of over £50,000 in less than SIX weeks since her site has been live!

Now Tara does have a separate business with its own website which you can find at http://bluebellproperties.co.uk

Yet what she’s discovered since running her personal brand website is that she gets WAY more traffic to her business site as many people click through to Bluebell Properties after having browsed around Tara’s personal site.

Without a doubt the professional nature of the photography and graphics on Tara’s personal brand site, as well as the personal story on her about page, all contribute to build authority and trust, which means that people feel comfortable enough to pick up the phone and call Tara’s office to make an enquiry.

Expert Success Rule #1 – If you’re in a business, or would like to start attracting high-fee paying clients for YOUR products and services, then you MUST position yourself as an expert.

Expert Success Case Study #2

How Gillian Created A ‘Lifestyle Business’ Commanding High Fees From Loyal Clients

“Before I joined Daniel & James 4 years ago I did not have a business (on or offline) and had no real clue about websites, personal brand or internet marketing.

As a member of the Inner Circle Mastermind group, being mentored by Daniel and James has helped me build up a successful copywriting business for online and offline marketers.

As a result for the last 22 months I’ve been working on a monthly retainer basis for a well known personal development/transformation leader and most of my business now is via referrals from satisfied clients.

This means I’ve now got a lifestyle business where I can choose to work 2-3 days a week and command an hourly rate of £200 – something I’d never have dreamed would be possible 2 years ago!

That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel & James as mentors – their unique blend of up to the minute business knowledge combined with their caring personal coaching skills produces results not just in growing your business but in growing you as well.”

Expert Success Case Study #3

How Alan Increased His Veterinary Consultancy Business from £148,504 to over £388,000 in Revenue In Just 12 MONTHS

“Three years ago I had a fairly successful offline consultancy business working with veterinary surgeons but finding I was working too many hours, working far too long and too hard for too little return.

I needed a better online presence and decided to join Daniel and James’ mentoring program. I’ve been with them for 18 months now and they have radically transformed my business in terms of my marketing and my web presence on the Internet.

We’ve also been running a coaching group for veterinary surgeons for about twelve months… Since working with Daniel and James the conversion on the weekend that we sell it on has gone up about 50% and our email marketing …has probably produced about 50% further incomeThe results, financially, for us have been fantastic.

I’ve just been asked to join for another six months and it was kind of a no-brainer as every time I join my business doubles and my profits quadruple, so I thought it was a good idea to sign up again!

I can highly recommend them for any business owner at any level who wants to dramatically improve their business.

Expert Success Case Study #4

How Phill Turner Went From Zero To £6,000 Per MONTH In Just 8 Short Months

“Before working with Daniel and James I’d tried many different ways of making money online, all of which in the end, FAILED.

While before I wasn’t making ANY money online, within 8 months of working with Daniel and James I had my first SIX Thousand pound MONTH.

…I also recently put 50 people into a room for my first ever seminar!

Its been a breathtaking journey and I just want to say thank you to Daniel and James for all your help and support through those times.

If you’re thinking about joining up I absolutely tell you it would be a crazy thing not to do this, so sign up and prepare to grow your business!”

Here Are A Few More Of Our Students’ Success Stories…

Satie Punglia – www.Social-MediaForBusiness.co.uk

“My company sets-up and manages social media campaigns for businesses. It was a very new start-up business when I started with Daniel and James four months ago and since that time, I have signed up my biggest contract, which was a £50,000 per year contract with a large medical company, and I’ve been inundated with a lot of customers, which has been absolutely fantastic.”

Richard Hill – www.SEOTrafficLab.com

“Daniel and James, I thank you guys for everything you’ve helped me with. I put up my first webinar, and made £10,000 in an hour, which is just incredible. This month, so far, we’ve done over $20,000, and things are just growing month on month, month in, month out. So, thank you once again, Daniel and James.”

Paul Stebles – PaulStebles.com

“Daniel’s help in creating my own strapline was a real breakthrough for me and a fantastic direction for my brand.

Christian Asare – TheSmallBusinessMarketingCentre.com

“I joined Daniel and James’ Mastermind Programme in October 2010. I started a brand new business, The Small Business Marketing Centre, helping small and medium sized businesses with their marketing activities. Within one month of starting this new business, I had three new customers. I had a strong business model, and plenty of referrals as well.”

Paul Gold – TennisInfoProducts.com

“I help tennis players improve their game … but I needed business coaching to take my business to the next level. So, being part of Daniel and James’ Mastermind Group took me from a coach and a person with an idea into properly structuring it into a business, to the point where I released a product yesterday, and by today I’d earned over $1000. So, thank you guys!”

Keith Watson – Adam-Eason.com

“I market a website for a clinical hypnotherapist named Adam Eason. A year ago, I met Daniel, or saw him onstage, and I was so taken by him, I realised I was going to use him to help grow our business. A year later, we have really progressed, so much so that when I met him we were turning over £3000 a month online, and it’s now this month up to £20,000. A great result, a great year and great help from Daniel and James. Thank you guys.”

Liam King – Liam-King.com

“My website and web presence through social media were all done to a very high, professional standard and I can clearly see that what would have taken me 2 years to do, was done in 2 days.”

Andrew Bridgewater – AndrewBridgewater.com

“I set up my weight-loss business about two years ago, and really struggled, in fact, I didn’t make any money with it. I had an eBook, and I had some coaching on there, but I just wasn’t marketing the business properly. Daniel and James helped me develop this twelve-week home-study coaching program. This has literally changed my business around completely, from four months ago where it hadn’t made any sales, and now I’m making sales and getting great testimonials. Some of the clients I’m working with have seen fantastic results, and the momentum has built to the point where I know this is going to succeed beyond my wildest dreams. Just being part of this Mastermind Group is so exciting. It’s a vibrant group. It’s full of energy and enthusiasm and there are great people within it. So, if you have the opportunity to join this group, you really must take it, because it will take your business to the next level. So, thanks Daniel and James.”

Taz Thiara – NovatusPropertySolutions.com

“Working with Daniel and James has radically changed the direction of our business… I wouldn’t have had a clue how to master the online marketing world without their help and support”

Robin Shaw – Robin-Shaw.com

I run a business called the Property Centre, which is aimed at property investors nation wide around the UK. I joined Daniel and James’ Inner Circle Mastermind Group back in October 2010. Since joining the Mastermind Group, I’ve made tremendous friendshi /strongps, associations and connections. I’m now writing How To Identify And Exploit ‘Six-Figure’ Strategic Alliancesp a book for a key UK property company, and interviewing property experts as a result of the whole team effort. This is going to propel the Property Centre into the stratosphere this year. I have no hesitation in recommending James and Daniel. Their values are fantastic. They continually give, which is something that is very rare in internet marketing.”