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Our Mission (and we have accepted it!)

Mission is a big word and I won’t bore you with corporate mission statement type of language. But we do indeed have a mission here at Expert Success.

‘To empower people to create and run their own expert businesses to have more money, more free time and a higher sense of purpose.’

The economic landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade and the last recession has shown just how vulnerable the employed specialist is. Expert Success creates independence and resilience for individuals and helps them achieve financial freedom and live life at their own terms.

This new type of Expert Business can be local or global and leverages the power of the internet in many ways. This kind of business does not need a 3 year business plan and has literally zero startup cost which makes it extremely attractive to individuals transitioning from a job or employment.

Teaching entrepreneurship is one of the most required survival skills for the coming decade and our goal is to bring this knowledge to as many people as possible. The ripple effect of educating individuals on running their own company will have a wider economic benefit and it is our belief that this type of micro business will become a major contributor in securing the future of this and other countries economy.

The power of personal leadership that underpins the expert industry movement is a major factor in creating a stronger and less dependent communities.